Spinal Rehabilitation

young lady doing Bird Dog chiropractic spinal exercise

In the past decade, spinal rehabilitation has become an integral part of evidence-based care. Spinal rehab not only improves function and promotes healing, but it also helps prevent new neck and back problems. Moreover, by diminishing chronic and recurrent spinal pain and dysfunction, evidence-based spinal rehab reduces the likelihood that a patient will undergo spinal injections or surgery.

Spinal rehab combines general conditioning (aerobic) exercises that promote overall health with specific exercises designed to repair and strengthen the areas affected by the patient’s current condition. When performed as prescribed, spinal rehab helps end the "deconditioning cycle" common among chronic and recurrent spinal pain sufferers. It also strengthens the supporting spinal musculature, increases nutrition for the disc and improves the patient’s overall sense of well-being.

Foundational to any effective spinal rehab program is the use of accurate physical performance tests. We work with the Institute of Evidence-Based Chiropractic and use this organization’s validated set of tests. Based on results from our evaluation, we personalize specific exercise protocols and use follow-up testing to monitor each patient’s progress.